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  • Too old to become a Business Analyst
    Are You Too Old to Become a Business Analyst?

    Are you considering a career in business analysis but worried about your age? You're not alone. Many professionals in their late 40s and early 50s and 60s face similar concerns.

    So we’re going to cover this topic in today’s video! Do watch the video and leave a comment on this important topic.

  • How to Move from a Career in Sales to Business Analyst

    Are you under the constant pressure to meet targets, dealing with unresponsive leads, and managing tight deadlines leaving you exhausted? If you find yourself constantly stressed and doubtful about your future in sales, it might be worth considering a career change. Switching careers can open the door to new opportunities, allowing you to apply your […]

  • Change Careers From Healthcare to Business Analyst
    How to Change Careers From Healthcare to Business Analyst

    "The power of big data is that it allows you to see the business and the world in high-definition." - Bernard Marr Are you feeling the call for a career change but unsure where to start? You're not alone.  Many healthcare professionals are drawn to the world of business analysis. Many reports and findings suggest […]

  • Secure-a-Tier-2-Sponsorship-tech-job
    How to Secure A Tier 2 Sponsorship Business Analyst Job in the UK (everything you need to know)

    The UK is a global hub for technology and innovation, offering a wealth of opportunities for skilled professionals. For international students transitioning from a Tier 4 student visa to a Tier 2 (General) work visa, the prospect of starting a tech career here is incredibly appealing. However, this transition can be complex.  This guide aims […]

  • Why-Is-the-Role-of-Business-Analyst-Thriving-in-the-UK-Job-Market
    Why Is the Role of Business Analyst Thriving in the UK Job Market?

    Over the last couple of years, the demand for business analysts has surged dramatically. With the rise of technological innovations, more businesses are now relying on data. Various industries, including but not limited to banking, finance, healthcare and IT need skilled business analysts to assess data, deduce insights and offer strategic recommendations. If recent stats […]

  • 5 Skills to Accelerate Your Business Analyst Career
    Power Up Your Paycheck: 5 Skills to Accelerate Your Business Analyst Career

    The World Economic Forum has stated that there will be 73 million global digital jobs in 2024. This figure is expected to increase by 2030 and it is forecasted that there will be 92 million digital jobs by the end of the decade.   Most of the roles that will be in demand in the future […]

  • Transform Your Professional Path with Business Analysis Certification and Training Online-2-2
    Transform Your Professional Path with Business Analysis Certification and Training Online

    In today's fast-paced business environment, professionals need to constantly upgrade their skills to stay competitive. One of the most effective ways to do this is through business analysis training and certification online courses. Whether you are an aspiring business analyst or an experienced professional looking to advance your career, these courses offer a structured path […]

  • Business Analyst Course TLA
    Why Choose TLA for Business Analyst Learning Courses?

    In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the role of a business analyst has become increasingly vital. As organizations strive to stay competitive and adapt to changing market dynamics, the need for skilled professionals who can analyze data, identify trends, and make strategic recommendations has never been greater. Recognizing this demand, Transform Learning Academy is proud […]

  • Transform-Learning-Academy-Embracing-AI-for-Future-Career-Challenges
    Transform Learning Academy: Embracing AI for Future Career Challenges

    We're thrilled to announce that Transform Learning Academy has been featured on Forbes, where we discussed the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in navigating future career challenges. In our Forbes feature, we explored how AI is reshaping industries and creating new opportunities for professionals worldwide. AI has become a driving force behind innovation, transforming the […]

  • Essential Tools for Modern Business Analysts
    Unleashing Business Intelligence: Essential Tools for Modern Business Analysts

    In the dynamic landscape of contemporary business analysis, this blog serves as a guidepost for professionals seeking mastery in the field. With a focus on precision and collaboration, it explores the strategic interplay of tools that have become indispensable for modern Business Analysts. From Lucidchart's intuitive diagramming facilitating insightful visualisations to Jira's agile project tracking […]

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