Sanjeev Iyer


Sanjeev had been furloughed for 3 months and then lost his job. He sought out help and training from TLA and secured a BA role.

Shahid Khan


Shahid was bored of working, he wanted a challenge so joined TLA and he managed to secure his first six figure contract.


Call Centre Advisor

“I more than doubled my income after completing the Data Business Analysis course with TLA”

Joanne Townsend

PPI Complaint Manager

“I really loved the 2 day course with TLA, Raj was amazing and I’m really looking forward to secure my next BA role.”


Job Centre Advisor

Adil was sick of moving job to job, he decided to join us on the BA Programme and managed to secure a Senior BA Role.

Muhammed Hassan

Software Tester

Muhammed has been looking to make a shift from software testing into the exciting world of Business Analysis.


IT Support

“I got promoted into a Business Analyst at work, once I undertook the programme with TLA!”

Urfan Suleman

Operations Manager

“The training was absolutely amazing. I learnt a lot from the trainer Raj, and highly recommend the team”

Jerry Afujo

Sales Executive

“I found this course on instagram and had a chat with Shaz, who guided me into which is the best career path, highly recommend it”

Aaqib Hussain

Office Admin

“I more than doubled my income after completing the Data Business Analysis course! It took me a while to be persuaded to join with TLA but once I made the decision to enrol, it’s really paid off, once I completed the course.”

Sully Sarwar

SAP Analyst

“I loved the 2 day course! They helped me understand what a BA role does in detail”. Suleman has gone onto secure a BA role.

Zul Rahman


“The trainer Raj was fantastic, I would highly recommend TLA, they tailor it completely towards your needs, definitely recommend!”