Bilal Arshad

Sales Executive

” The course has opened up my mind about what I can achieve in my career! Coming into it I had no previous knowledge of business analysis. After completing the course, I’m really confident that I will be able to land a role as a BA. “

Danesh Jalota

Mortgage Advisor

“I really enjoyed the training with TLA it is really well structured well organised, they go through the career map and all the opportunities in a lot more detail. I would highly recommend the training with Raj and Shaz.”

Charles T.

Test Analyst

” I have learnt way more than what I would have learnt in a normal 2 day session. The training is super interactive. I would definitely invite you to come onboard and see what I have just seen here”.

Muhammad Khan


“I have joined this programme, I have learnt a lot over the 2 day seminar, the trainer is very well informed. I would recommend everybody to join this programme. It is a very good programme.”



“I am here for the 2 day training, the training has been good, it is very understandable, you don’t need to worry you have all the materials you need. I would highly recommend TLA”.

Sagar Seth

Case Handler

“The course is great. It is very informative and interactive. you get to be apart of small tasks which makes it more interesting. and I would definitively recommend TLA to anyone looking to become a BA.”

Caz Humphreys

Human Resources

“I loved the course so far, I like the style and hands on approach and really good collaboration with the group work and I have really learnt a lot to give me the confidence to become a Business Analyst.”

Patrick G.

IT Support

Patrick was previously working in IT support. He completed the TLA business analysis programme and manged to land a BA role within 2 months.

Philip Eben

IT Support

” i really enjoyed the training. TLA stand out, the environment the teaching, it really taught us a lot on BA, and I would highly recommend everybody to see for themselves what TLA is about.”

Lloyd Kashimba

Accounts Assistant

“Very informative, learnt a lot of things, ranging from user stories and requirement gathering, thanks to the team, and really love the organisation and the content of the course.”

Bilkis Lawal

Admin Assistant

“I enjoyed my time here at TLA seminar very educational, I have learnt so much, and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to develop their analytical skills. Thank you TLA.”

Femi Akinduro

Accounts Clerk

“I came to TLA to have a career switch to business analysis, and I think it has been fantastic altogether. The materials have been great and If you’re looking to do your exams I would recommend TLA 100%.”