“My Favorite Part Of The Program Is The Amount I’m Making.”

“My Favorite Part Of The Program Is The Amount I’m Making.”

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“Within the first month, due to the strategy retainer that I sold, I paid for the whole cost of the program. And then it’s just been a straight shot up from there.”

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Ana was stuck in a position plenty of consultants face.

“The work that I was doing was not very strategic and it was not very fulfilling to me as a person, so I was having a bit of fatigue in terms of “Do I REALLY want to be doing this?” she said.


She had a lack of consistency when it came to getting clients and projects. It was an endless cycle of feast or famine.

“I would have one or two months where I would have really strong months and a lot of projects…maybe too many projects… and then that would be followed by crickets, nothing at all,” she said.

But after working with us, all of that is turning around. Ana’s already made her investment back and is growing.

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