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It is true, up to 80% of the jobs that are out there are not advertised.

There is a simple explanation for this, what often happens is:
When employers are hiring, they tend to look for the right candidate internally within their organisation first. However, if they are still unable to find a suitable candidate, they tend to approach people they know of or headhunt people on LinkedIn directly.

However, if they are still struggling to find someone only then they approach a recruiter.

Now a good recruiter will never advertise online, because their network will be so strong that they are able to place candidates into roles immediately without having to advertise, so they can gain their commission.

However, if a recruiter is still unable to find a suitable candidate for the position they are resourcing for, only then they advertise online. On a worst-case scenario basis.

So how do you access 80% of these jobs which are not being advertised.There are 2 ways you can access the ‘Hidden Job Market’.

For more details, please join us on our Business Analysis or Project Management free training, where we uncover in detail how to access 80% of the jobs which are not advertised.

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