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The World Economic Forum has stated that there will be 73 million global digital jobs in 2024. This figure is expected to increase by 2030 and it is forecasted that there will be 92 million digital jobs by the end of the decade.  

Most of the roles that will be in demand in the future are likely to be powered by sustainability trends, digitalization, and technology.  

Apart from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI ) specialists, Business Intelligence Analysts and Information Security Analysts will be the most high-paying jobs of tomorrow. 

Therefore, it is best to cultivate skills and enroll in certification courses for a successful career in business analysis. If you aim to earn as much as 65K (Pound Sterling) or about USD 93,000, 2024 is the year to hone your skills. 


Focus on Analytical Skills 

First things first, business analysts must have a strong command of data analysis skills. It is required to interpret complex datasets. You cannot extract valuable insights and provide valuable feedback if you cannot contribute to making informed decisions and driving success for the business. 

Opting for online business analyst certification programs offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to pursue your certification goals while balancing other commitments. Look for reputable online platforms or educational institutions that offer business analyst certification courses. These programs typically offer interactive modules, case studies, and assessments to help you solidify your understanding of key concepts and earn a recognized certification from the comfort of your own home.

Overall, analytical skills are not only useful but are necessary for you to grow.  It does not matter if you are a business analyst, information security analyst or plan to work as a data analyst, analytical skills will set you apart and will help you grow in your career. 


Earning a Business Analyst Certification 

Okay, so Gartner has stated that college degrees are no longer a requirement. The “paper ceiling” has crumbled and it is the skills that matter. Organizations no longer need a university graduate to do the job. 

However, if you don’t have a degree, at least enroll in a business analyst certification course

Make sure you gain real-time project experience and someone who can provide you a “process” to follow. Remember, at the end of the day, certified business analysts fetch higher salaries (usually up to 2x) than non-certified individuals. 

Enrolling in a certified business analyst course can provide you with a structured curriculum designed to impart essential skills and knowledge required for the role. Look for courses accredited by reputable organizations such as the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) or Project Management Institute (PMI).

Business Analysis Training: Beyond certification courses, seek out comprehensive business analysis training programs that go beyond exam preparation to provide practical skills and real-world experience.

business analyst

Technical Proficiency 

You must be the architect who engineers solutions for the business. Hence, you need to gain skills and build credentials applicable to the business. On some days, you will work closely with the analytics team to understand business goals. 

Then you will design best-in-class solutions using data to meet the business need. You will have to provide solutions to optimize efficiency and effectiveness across the business. It will directly impact exhibitor revenue growth. 

On some days, you will be building complex data models to scale Power BI reporting across the entire organization.  While on other days, you might have to leverage Python for web scraping, efficiently extracting data from various sources. Hence, you need technical proficiency for career progression in the field of business analysis. 

In all practicality, basic programming knowledge is becoming increasingly important for business analysts. Learning Python is a popular choice for data manipulation and analysis. Even understanding SQL for database queries can be another valuable skill. 


Business Insights 

Above all, you need to understand the industry you work in and how business decisions translate into real-world results. It will allow you to connect data insights to actionable strategies that drive growth.

Analyst roles can be all over the place. Some companies want sound technical advisors, whereas some need one who can pivot the organization by brainstorming and providing robust solutions. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Literacy 

The future belongs to those who are AI literates. You need to understand the basics of Machine learning algorithms and Artificial intelligence capabilities. You can only collaborate effectively with developers and other stakeholders if you have the power to discern and understand AI.  

In the era of “prompt engineering,” you will need to translate business needs into the language AI understands. Any career as a business analyst will require you to understand these powerful tools. Only then, you can leverage the chatbots to assist you in being productive so that you can solve real-world problems. 

Remember, how initially you had to learn the language of the computers. Thankfully, we have moved beyond the binary and now entered the world of “prompts” where generative artificial intelligence acts as a “genie” for business analysts.


Business Analysts in the Age of AI 

The world is getting smarter and so should you. Remember, AI is a double-edged sword and business analysts can use it to automate tasks, streamline processes, and boost productivity.  

However, you must be able to spot potential limitations in the AI systems to mitigate risks and ensure ethical implementation. 

Who knows? Either the business analysts are on the cusp of something great or maybe the problems resulting from extensive use of AI will prove to be a minefield for the business analysts to solve in the future. 


Next Steps 

To become a business analyst leader, you will need to be a great storyteller and a problem-solver. Remember, it’s a field where you cannot rest on your laurels but must be a lifelong learner. 

Above all, critical thinking, upskilling, reskilling and curiosity to access the right data and translate it into actionable insights through clear communication and compelling visualizations will help you in the long haul.  

Remember, success lies in balancing a meticulous eye for detail with a strategic big-picture perspective to drive business growth. To power up your paycheck, master the above five in-demand skills that will position you for a high-growth business analyst career.

By investing in certified courses, online certification programs, comprehensive training, and placement assistance, you can accelerate your business analyst career trajectory and increase your earning potential in the field.

Look for business analyst certification programs that not only provide you with the necessary skills and certification but also offer assistance with job placement or internship opportunities. These programs can help you bridge the gap between theory and practice by gaining hands-on experience in a professional setting. Additionally, they often provide valuable networking opportunities and career support services to help you secure a rewarding business analyst role after completing your training.

About the Author: Clive Lobo

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